Spencer Scorcelletti

software developer artist generally curious

A little about me.

Hello and welcome to my site! This site is about whatever makes Spence to me, thanks for coming.

I’m a software developer working and living in San Francisco. I transplanted from Austin, TX, where I went to college for computer science, but also studied other things. Although life in Austin was really cool, I wanted to see what’s going on here SF for myself.

I live in the Presidio, with about 5 other roommates in former military housing. This is a really great setup for me, because I spend a lot of my time in Marin and the Outer Richmond.

I have a lot of hobbies and their popularity with me phases in and out. Currently, what comes to mind is sort of split between making stuff and doing things. So for “making stuff”, I like to work on my Bus, do little electronic hacks, work on small projects for the house in my shop, and stuff like that - in addition to programming. For the “doing things” category, besides chess and reading, a lot of my recent activities take place outside - surfing, climbing, sailing, traveling, hammock camping - although I haven’t formed a personal identity around any of these things.

I’ve also been playing music for most of my life which is sort of something you make and something you do. Hit me up if you want to jam! Looking to be in a band!

I started my career in Austin working on robotic handler automation for post-silicon validation at Intel. Around the time I graduated I received an offer to work at Salesforce, where I worked in application engineering, then building an internal, Travis-CI-like CI, and finally in their Systems Cloud, working on an in-house database that had some special requirements (hence making our own). If you’re interested in any of these things or have any questions, I’m super happy to talk over email or meet up for coffee if you’re in the city.

To kind of tie this whole “whatever makes Spence” theme together, I feel in my truest, deepest subjective sense of self, like a very multi-dimensional person. Software development happens to be the professional field I’ve chosen, but in terms of an “occupation” - i.e. how I spend my time on earth - I’m an artist too. My hopes for this website is to have a space to just be myself. I also hopefully other people might like it too, thanks for checking it out.

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